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The guy who wore blackface multiple times? The rich boy snowboarder who thinks that allowing citizens who went over to the Middle East to fight alongside ISIS (against Canadian forces) should be allowed to reintegrate into the society that they attempted to destroy? The guy who took part in blatant embezzlement? In Canada, we don’t really worship our leaders as some Americans do. Trudeau has been generally quite competent on most fronts. Agree or disagree with his policies he’s got quite a few of them done & with a fairly decent amount of success. While the man’s a PR nightmare despite trying so g’damn hard to ‘cool’ (which is so so cringe) that’s mostly fluff.

We All Know What Flies Are Attracted To Funny Pence 2020 VP Debate Shirt


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Well, so long, Canada; it’s been fun. Maybe we’ll see you again in a thousand years because if this hinges on the more bullheaded Americans actually changing their behavior to benefit everyone instead of just themselves, the outlook doesn’t look good I don’t think borders are really closed. I live in Montreal/Outremont and we keep seeing cars with US plates, like Minnesota and New York, and even Virginia. All those cars belong to Jewish families who have both citizenship, I don’t know if they go back and forth to US Canada but those cars were not there a couple of weeks ago…