Warning I May Start Talking About Jesus At Any Time Shirt

I don’t even think she really believes all that crap. It’s pretty obvious from the beginning that she had some sort of issues with his cat, and she just tried to frame it all this way so that she could get her way of having him give up his cat. Most likely she does believe it now because she probably convinces herself to, But only because she didn’t want mittens around in the first place. She was a bit catty about it but OP handled it. She obviously thought she had more of her claws in him. OP really got himself out of a hairy situation here.

Warning I May Start Talking About Jesus At Any Time Shirt

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There is a human being that exists who wants to eradicate a species of animal for a man-made ideology whose entire basis revolves around saving animals. I can’t. I’m done. I’m moving to that island in the Indian Ocean with the tribe that killed the evangelical missionary. I’ll plead they let me in. I’ll sacrifice whatever they need me to. Make me one of them. Fun fact: the egg existed long before the chicken. Fish, reptiles, and amphibians had been laying eggs for millions of years before the thing know as the chicken evolved.

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