Wanted S1000000 Reward Dead And Alive Schrodinger’S Cat Shirt

About 2 years ago I swung into the same gas station to grab snacks for me and some friends heading to the zoo. The internet apparently was down all over town so credit cards didn’t work and we had almost no cash. I was pretty bummed but shit happens. As I was putting stuff away a guy offered to just pay for it all. When I politely declined he started laughing. “Dude, you’re the guy!” “I’m what?” “You the guy that bought us all pizza!” It was the bike kid from years ago. He paid for the snacks, got his own, and followed us to the zoo on his motorcycle. He has a motorcycle shop now


Wanted S1000000 Reward Dead And Alive Schrodinger’S Cat Shirt

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My father was in hospice, and there was a large communal kitchen for family and friends to use while visiting. This guy Ronnie was the personification of “Badda bing Badda boom;” loud Italian-American guy. He made a crap ton of meatball subs for everyone and went around to all the hospice rooms giving them out to people. It was a really nice gesture for all us grieving families. I think he said he had a restaurant in North Carolina.


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