Wanted S1000000 Reward Dead And Alive Schrodinger’S Cat Shirt

You’re not always going to have cell phone service!” – meets the criteria because cell phone service is a common problem, and optimistically it will be available globally within 20 years (possibly thanks to efforts like those of SpaceX). “Better learn to drive, your car isn’t going to drive itself!” – currently, most cars do not drive themselves, but in 20 years they are very much so likely going to be as good or better than humans at driving themselves. Pay attention to the road, cars don’t drive themselves.” – Similar to the incorrect response below, but framed correctly.

Wanted S1000000 Reward Dead And Alive Schrodinger’S Cat Shirt


Skull Marines No Lives Matter Shirt 


Vintage Swedish Drinking Team Shirt


Viking Norse Gym I Had My Patience Tested I’M Negative Shirt 


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I’M Not Built For No Soft Man I Talk Back I Don’T Listen And Sarcasm Is My First Language Other Than That I’M A Sweetheart I Swear Shirt 


Thank you for this one! You reminded me of the first time I did this when I was about 20 years old. Moved into a new neighborhood and really wanted to try this cute little place down the street from my apartment but was solo. Put it off too many nights to admit, until finally said fuck it, grabbed a book, got a table, and had the 4-course prix fixe menu and I loved it! I was super nervous and embarrassed but ended up having a pretty damn fine time, ends up I’m ok company!

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