Wanted Dead And Alive Schrodinger’s Cat Shirt

Or someone who has a shitty job that they hate, but opposes universal basic income and/or unemployment insurance expansion because they hate “lazy unemployed” people, even though having UBI and/or better unemployment coverage would give that person a safety net to quit their own shitty job and hold out for a better one. Not voting because your perfect candidate isn’t in the race isn’t revolutionary, it’s selfish. You might not really care for the person you’ve got

Wanted Dead And Alive Schrodinger’s Cat Shirt


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We are all at days end keeping ourselves busy before the end. Technically all just waiting to die. You don’t know when, or how. Its inevitably coming. Remember that you can’t bring any worldly possessions with you nor your stature. So don’t be a stuck up. Don’t hoard. Live humbly. Love fiercely. Breathe and look around you. There is beauty in everyone and everything. Don’t wait till you’re retired and too old to do things you put a hold on while you could but were too busy.

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