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I let him finish, and then said, “Oh, really? You said you were in [province] in [year]?” He confirmed that he had. I said, “And you said you were with # Special Forces Group?” He again confirmed that that’s what he said. I said, “You know, that’s pretty wild because I was in [province] in [year] with [my battalion], and I don’t remember any of that. Also, all the SF we had there at that time was from ## Group as far as I’m aware.” I read a post from a soldier once that said anyone who brags about the people they’ve killed have either never been a soldier or are fucking psychopaths.

Vote For Liberty RBG Peace BLM Equality Shirt


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I went out partying with some classmates. Among them a very attractive girl. A colleague got drunk and when we were in the car about to go back home he tried to flirt with her. I already suspected that he liked that girl but he always denied it. Seeing that she was very uncomfortable, I changed places and stood in the middle so that he would leave her alone and I told him that that was enough. Freshman year of college we had this guy who got beat up by a woman and he spent one night trying to prove his manliness by challenging every guy at a party to fight.