Vip Obsessive Christmas Disorder Shirt

No matter which town or city I’m in, I’m immediately more at peace if I can go to a library and spend half an hour or so just browsing the shelves. The fact that there’s a place where you can just be, where you can sit and read and learn things and enjoy entertainment with nothing more than the promise that you’ll bring it back when you’re done with it so someone else can enjoy it… it’s a tremendously peaceful thought.

Vip Obsessive Christmas Disorder Hoodie

Vip Obsessive Christmas Disorder Shirt

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I teach games development at a university, and honestly, the only time I’m happy lately is when I’m in the labs teaching and seeing the students get excited about their projects as I take them through how to make them work. I’m an early stage recovering alcoholic, and a lot of the time lately, with lockdown and everything, it’s a constant struggle to stay off the bottle. But when I’m running a class, it completely leaves my mind

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