Vip Halloween I Found This Humerus Ghost Shirt

The top post on my front page this morning was about how he got to Oxford. Then 4 or 5 posts down was one of him visiting a sick kid in the hospital. Thought it was odd that there were 2 Chadwick Bozeman posts on the front page… Then I saw this one and it fucking floored me. Not what I expected to see today… I didn’t know much of his work besides as Black Panther, and his SNL appearance, but he seemed like a great guy.

Vip Halloween I Found This Humerus Ghost Hoodie

Vip Halloween I Found This Humerus Ghost Shirt

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Thinking about the young cancer patients he often visited and the state of division in the country, I wonder if he wanted to keep it a secret so as to not detract from people’s hope… His character may have been fantasy, but it was also a symbol that gave hope and inspiration to many. And how crushing would that be to know that your hero is losing the battle to cancer?

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