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Wow, this went over too many people’s heads. The point of this thread is to show things that will be completely wrong in 20 years. The opening being “you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket”, something teachers said to us in the 90s and earlier, but now we have smartphones so there is literally a calculator in our pockets. It was a really simple question for so many sub comments to not get it. I think the next thing will be along the lines of always having options for toilet paper and wipe products.

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Your grandkids will look at you and laugh and laugh when you bring up the paper currency of any kind really. Even Monopoly sets will only have the digital teller device in the frighteningly close future. On the bright side, inflation will drive the cost of living so high that you might never have the chance to afford kids, let alone your kids affording to have kids. Maybe you won’t have to explain concepts like Fort Knox to them.

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