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Likewise, during the 1st and 3rd quarter lunar phases, the gravitational forces of the sun and moon are orthogonal to each other with the earth as the vertex (I.e. if the sun is in front of you the moon would be to your right or left). This causes them to partially cancel each other out, resulting in smaller tides, known as “neap tides”. Also, you can look at a tide table that predicts the height of tides and compare that to the sun and moon positions on those days. The highest tides are when the sun and moon and Earth are all lined up, both during a full moon and a new moon.

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High tides are caused both when the moon is on the close side as well as the far side. The difference on the far side is instead of pulling more, it’s pulling less, causing water to bulge away from the moon, while the close side is pulled harder, causing a bulge towards the moon. The observed effect on Earth looks the same: local large body water levels rise on the point directly under the moon and on the opposite side of the planet from that point.