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I actually got offered a great high-paying job in Poland right after graduating. I was considering it, but reading up on Poland and the fact that I’m a transgender man made me decide it’s better to refuse the offer. The company was nice, everyone I talked to was kind, but I’m not going to live somewhere where I would feel routinely hated for no other reason than the fact that I exist. I have some wonderful Polish friends, but so many of their countryfolk are complete idiots. Mind you, I could say the same about Americans. And cor blimey, I’m British- people are probably saying it about us…

Veterinary No Sleep No Problem Warning Always Hot Shirt


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The urban/rural divide is the starkest and consistent divide in the world. It seems to be present in almost every country, where the large, cosmopolitan cities are much more progressive, liberal, and tolerant, while the smaller towns and villages are bastions of backward thinking. Those towns, in particular, are the places that have suffered most from the decline of heavy industry but have not been given renewed purpose and economic revival.