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No one is going to dust for fingerprints and run them through AFIS. Cops are just going to write up a report and tell you to either set up a camera or keep a closer eye on the medication packets. Its classed as elder abuse, the care provider should have already triggered an investigation but speaking to the governing bodies directly stops things from getting brushed under the carpet. I’d definitely contact the state’s attorney general, and any relevant government agencies, as well as a lawyer.

US Marines High Speed Low Drag Teflon Coated Air Cooled And Chow Hall Fed Shirt


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I’m in the US, but I’m definitely letting her caseworker know because they manage her homecare. I have resisted calling the agency because I would probably cuss them out hardcore. Scorched earth style. I think her medical team will be reporting this to the authorities too, but it’s fucked up because we don’t know which one of them did it. I don’t think I’d alert the agency, but mostly because I’d be worried that the word would get out that an investigation is incoming.

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