Underestimate Me That’ll Be Fun Shirt

Still, I feel bad for people like this guy. They’ve been misled by “leaders” who really ought to know better. The US has failed when its leaders don’t believe in basic science and truth. With leaders like that, who think the truth is whatever they say it is, it was only a matter of time before a fiasco like this. It’s hard not to feel like the US is on its way to permanent decline from its status as a major world power – unless if some colossal investments are made in education and reform.

Underestimate Me That’ll Be Fun Shirt


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I agree, especially with your last sentence. Pax Americana has been waning for some time now, and America’s global reputation is certainly taking a hit. It’s humiliating. I realize the world economy depends on a lot of US business, but I’m curious as to who’s going to be the leader of the new world order, b/c it certainly looks like the US will be fighting this pandemic much longer than many comparable developed countries.

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