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After discovering a surprising but welcome Spirit Blossom Vayne’s splash art, I was wondering how many female (human) champions were showing off their feet in their skins, be it bare or in sandals, and I ended up making a list of all of these after searching through in-game models. Since in-game models do not always strictly follow the skins’ splash arts, I also took the time to look up splash arts to make a similar list.
As a disclaimer, Kindred, Xayah, and Zyra are barefoot in their base skins (though Zyra does have some kind of heel) but they do not have human feet. Monsters, Yordles as well as child (or child looking) champions are not included for obvious reasons.

It is extremely rare for female champions to take off their shoes for a new skin (or maybe they just can’t afford a new pair anymore), however, this was something that did not exist not so long ago as Infernal Akali, Elderwood Ahri and Spirit Blossom Vayne were respectively released/reworked in July 2018, August 2019 and July 2020. It seems to be a new thing that might happen more in the future.

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