Top Warst Du Lauch Brav Christmas Shirt

I have no money to buy presents with because I’ve been unemployed since MarchEven if I had money, I am not wading through Christmas crowds because there is a plague on. Even if I had money and thought I could navigate Christmas shopping safely, I can not have a family gathering because there’s a fucking plague on. I think Christmas should be canceled. Pandemics suck. Too bad we couldn’t get this under control at the start of the year, now we gotta suffer for the rest of the year. It’s canceled parades and Christmas outdoor fun or kills more people until we get a vaccine.

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Funny Warst Du Lauch Brav Christmas Shirt

Santa’s European counterpart and earliest incarnation — Saint Nicholas — bring something other than just presents to your house. He brings along a demonic sidekick, Krampus. While the good children get gifts from Saint Nicholas, Krampus is given leave to mercilessly beat the naughty ones, shove them into his sack, and carry them promptly to Hell.M: Christmas is canceled. S: You can’t cancel a holiday. M-Keep it up, and you’ll lose New Years’. S: What does that mean? M: Jim, take New Years away from Stanley!

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