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One of my biggest issues with people against any kind of gun control in the US is that in the current system anyone can buy a gun without having to learn those rules or any kind of gun safety. As a gun owner myself, I’d happily register my gun and go to some sort of DMV to get myself a gun license if it meant we could weed out even a third of the morons I’ve seen handling guns in my lifetime. The number of times I’ve seen people drinking and shooting or riding ATVs and shooting.


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I know this pales in comparison, but it came up last year as well. At an old house, I lived in in the suburbs of FL, at 2 am on the 4th, a bullet came through the main upstairs bedroom and got lodged in the frame. My ex was living there at the time, she called me freaked out. She called the cops, they told her it was a firework and didn’t do shit.

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