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I’d say “free societies” don’t exist in a vacuum; they have fairly liberal cultural backgrounds that allow them to exist without imploding. When you introduce more closed cultures to these societies they seem to take advantage of the freedoms afforded to perpetuate their system. I think this is similar to why we don’t allow completely free speech; people take advantage of free speech to push ideas that are diametrically opposed to the ideas upheld by free societies. Hopefully, my rambling made sense.

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This argument has always struck me as misguided. It effectively gives permission to the majority to declare any minority position to be ‘wrong’ or ‘harmful’ and therefore deserving of ‘righteous intolerance’. It gives the authority to determine what is right or wrong to the court of popular opinion. It opens the doors to a kind of mob rule in which any unpopular or uncomfortable opinion is squashed simply for being different.

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