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Rare hamburgers. Rare steaks are fine because only the outside needs to be fully cooked. With burgers, there is no inside or outside anymore because it’s been ground up. Medium rare is fine as long as the internal temp is high enough but a rare burger is never going to be cooked enough to be safe. It’s also gross. It’s like that kid in Louie who eats the raw beef because it’s the only thing he’s allowed to eat, and he shits in the bathtub. Every time someone asks me for rare burgers, I think about that kid and how he shit raw beef in the tub.

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Ok, so wood is edible and raw chicken is a preference. Hurting yourself with dull knives and burning yourself with explosive oil are choices. Destroying pots and pans and melting spatulas is part of the experience of cooking. And after rereading your comment, I think I get it. It doesn’t necessarily pertain to this discussion. You’re more calling out people who say food needs to be a certain way, which I agree with. “BBQ should/shouldn’t have sauce” “pizza can’t have pineapple” “chili can’t have beans” yeah people can fuck off with that

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