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Comments are made. Our anger flares and I want to say something. On one of our first dates in which we went to a restaurant here in Wilmington, we received decent service and the food was good. I usually over tip in this case, or more when the service is great. My boyfriend paid and tipped close to 100%. I recall stating something to the effect of, ” WOW! That’s cool that you did that!” He then provided me with my first lesson about white privilege.

Top The Pandemic That Stole Christmas Corona Virus Wear Santa Hat Shirt


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He explained that he feels like he has to over tip, regardless of how great or terrible the experience was, because every time he has dined out, he feels immediately judged in the beginning. Once the establishment realizes that he’s been there before and tips well, he then gets treated like most other patrons. It blew my mind. We’re not saying every establishment is like this. But in the South, especially in Trump’s America, this is a common occurrence.