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It got to the Top The Only Six Pack I’ll Ever Need Shirt thing could set me off into a rage. It’s a disturbing experience, like turning into Mr. Hyde. Acknowledging some mental illness aspects that contributed to it was a big part of moving on, but the rest has been mindfulness. Mindfulness gets a really bad press. Even the word is sort of flimsy. Its purpose is to help you drive a wedge between stimulus and reaction. To give you the strength of mind to respond rather than merely react to your thoughts and the world. It’s literally working out the muscles of your attention. Practicing it doesn’t even necessarily need to involve dedicated meditation at first unless that sounds useful to you — just begin by trying to notice stuff. Notice the moment when the phone vibrates, notice the rising tide of anger and track exactly what it does to your body, and notice that by noticing it you’ve already taken a half a step back. That little step is a monumental space; you can occupy it with detachment, if only for a second. That’s why it’s good to practice.

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