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There are several different types of jobs in the hotel industry that I was always raised to be respectful and to tip them for their service. Yes, they do earn a paycheck but just like restaurants and bars, they earn a paycheck, and people are generally expected to tip them for their service provided. In hotels or whatever, the valet drivers, concierge, bellhops, maids and pool boys, we always tipped them for the job they performed. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I always thought this was the norm for their services.

With COVID, they’ve suspended housekeeping unless you requested it. I’m good with that, because the fewer people I get into my personal space, the better. Because of that, I’ve started carrying trash bags with me like I was at home. I full it, take it to the dumpster myself, just like if I was home. Easy, and makes a much cleaner room for when housekeeping had to tidy up when I’m gone. I started traveling again after having COVID stop it all for about 4 months. I tend to stick with extended-stay style places like Staybridge Suites, our Residence Inn locations. They’re more apartments like so I prefer that.