Top Suicide Prevention Awareness You Matter Colorful Shirt

I mean, yea don’t be a dick to your wait staff and think they want to get in bed with you and not just a better tip, but don’t lie about how some people are earning their tips. You say that but I’ve got numbers and subsequently hooked up with a number of bartenders while they were on the job. I’ve tried explaining this to a friend before, but he said that she’s definitely into him. This is a conversation that has happened many times. I already knew this, but apparently waitresses have flirted with me and I thought they were doing their job. My friends are stunned at how oblivious/skeptical I am about flirting.

Top Suicide Prevention Awareness You Matter Colorful Shirt


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I see what you’re saying but sometimes I definitely feel like I’m being flirted with. I’ve gotten discounts from waitresses that seem into me for being a ‘good customer’ a couple of times. It could just be because I’m a great guy but I’d like to think it’s also because I’m cute. Took a long time to understand that, but I understood in my COVID break! That why I didn’t look back to waiter. I’m a bartender, and so damn extroverted that I LOVE the interaction with others.

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