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Not just that, it also shows just how fragile the line is between poverty and middle class for those closest to it when a disaster occurs and our government isn’t prepared to help. For years I’ve read headlines stating x% of people don’t have an emergency fund, y% have nothing in savings, its not exactly a well-kept secret that a pandemic would cause millions to suffer from a financial burden they never experienced before. Not trying to diminish your struggles, but you woke up in the one where millions of people have been struggling for decades. It’s just for some reason so many people thought it couldn’t happen to them.

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Sad to see it happen this way, but It’s good other people are starting to look around and go wtf. In fairness, I do think the worsening is accelerating. Following the 2008 recession, I was hiring people with STEM PhDs for /hr part-time with no benefits. Because that’s how shitty the world was. This year, due to the pandemic recession, my same company decided we should stop hiring in the USA entirely because we can get full-time STEM PhDs in India for $12.5k/year. I’m not saying things were good a decade ago. Just that they are legitimately even worse today.

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