Top Shirts Trending On 2020/07/01

Top Shirts Trending On 2020/07/01 I’m thinking of comparisons to video games or something. Some games look like complete chaos, but then you get good enough that it’s just another language you’re speaking. Like if someone walked up and looked at a Factorio map I created over 70 hours, or if they saw me playing some twitch shooter with a lot going on. Slowly, you learn the moves of each enemy, the purpose of each item and object, and the long-term goal as well as the acute needs. Reminds me… When I was working at BK, I recall joking with my manager friend that rushes were like a zombie apocalypse. The food was like my ammunition that I was just blasting out. Them to keep them from tearing the boards off my windows. I remember him giving me a compliment someday when I had that mentality. I was just so in the zone seeing customers as zombies.







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