Top Shirts From Potatotees On 2020/06/22

Top Shirts From Potatotees On 2020/06/22 this ends up back-dating all the results 1-4 weeks on average, so our last 14 days of data always look like it’s great and on the decline. Tell that to the millions of foreigners who are probably not going to be setting foot in American soil. Taking American tourists for a while despite the fact their own countries are opening up after declining cases. This is what I keep trying to tell people. The cat is out of the bag. We as a country have decided that we aren’t going to wear masks and we aren’t going to social distance, lockdowns were a joke for about half the population. So now, there’s nothing left to do until we get a vaccine. This thing is going to hang around the States for a couple of years. As the saying goes, we made our bed, now we have to lie in it (maybe forever).

Home Is Here Dreamer American Flag Shirt

Home Is Here Dreamer American Flag Hoodie


Colorado Avalanche Coronavirus Ruined My Hockey Season Shirt

Chicken If We Get In Trouble Is’t My Sister’s Fault Because I Listened To Her Shirt

Gary Moore In Memoriam Shirt

Good Dollar Store Whore Shirt

Just A Girl Who Loves Yoga And Sunflower Shirt

Never Underestimate Old Woman Who Loves Camping And Has Native Blood Shirt

Never Underestimate Old Woman With Native Blood And Loves Corgi Shirt

Old School For Life Brooklyn NYC Shirt

Ross Geller I’m Fine Everything’s Fine Shirt

Rules When I First Wake Up Shirt

Savage As Hell But I Still Need Cuddles Shirt

Tokemon Gotta Smoke ’Em All Shirt

Truck Driver Definition See Also Wizard Magician Shirt

Yoga Eff You See Kay Why Oh You Vintage Tattooed Womens Shirt


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