Top Land Of The Yee Home Of The Haw Shirt

There are customers who don’t have respect. For example, clicking their fingers to beckon me. Walking right past me at the bar to the farthest corner of the establishment, and making me follow them to ask what they want to drink instead of just asking and grabbing at the bar. Coughing during the pandemic, or everyone at a table ordering at a slightly different time to make me do the maximum amount of trips or making me stand around like a spare prick before taking their order.

Top Land Of The Yee Home Of The Haw Shirt

Top Land Of The Yee Home Of The Haw Shirt

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I flirted with people all the time and would have followed through. Most people thought I was being friendly, which I was haha. I flirted with the best man at a groom’s dinner I was bartending and at the end of the night, I had to tell him I had a boyfriend. The next night at the reception, his mom came and scolded me for leading him on. Sometimes they are flirting. A few times I have hooked up with them.

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