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My MIL and her side of the family are doing Thanksgiving like normal, and guilt-tripping my husband hard because we’re refusing to go due to. We are not going. What gets me is how politicized COVID is, and then that entire side of the family is lifelong, die-hard Democrats, and they still don’t care about COVID! Oh, and there are multiple nurses and a doctor, among them! I can’t, with these people! Yeah, the similar struggle here with my MIL guilt-tripping my wife. If they were as careful as we are, we may have considered doing something for Thanksgiving; however, the last time my wife saw

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When my wife expressed that she didn’t want to potentially catch or pass along covid, my MIL replied, “I don’t care if I catch it.” And she’s somehow the more responsible one if you compare her to my FIL. Oh, and my sister-in-law keeps posting photos online of her at restaurants and such, no mask as if nothing is happening. We’re absolutely not budging on getting together with them, especially just to eat in close quarters with no masks on, not with these attitudes. No amount of guilt-tripping or comments like “This will go on for a long time, you have to live your life” will change our minds, because we do intend to keep living our lives for as long as possible.

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