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The Trump regime has also used the majority of the money in the pot. Trump or the EPA has chosen sites that are located in battleground states and are primarily impacting white people. As opposed to cleaning up the sites that impact the most people regardless of race. The Biden nomination has laid out some ideas on how to continue to clean up these areas after Donnie is out. Even after all the negative environmental policies that were either put in place or the positive environmental restrictions which were removed.

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I wonder if he is as disappointed in himself forever running as so many American people seem to be these days. I’ve never seen so much widespread unrest in the country nor in the world. It’s truly sad. You have a point. What I think others are saying is that it’s a net negative. But, to your point, at least we have a listing of 3-4 things on the plus side of his ledger even if he is underwater overall.

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