Top Jasmine Dragon Fine Teas Shirt

The store was right next to the train station, so we’d often have people wander in while waiting for this train. A man I’d never seen before came in and I said hello, he said hello and went to wander the store. He came past the front desk and saw me feeding the birds, asked what I was doing and I explained to him. He was such a sweet guy, he disappeared and came back with a bag of kitten food, paid for it, and then left it with me so I could continue saving as many babies as I could!

Top Jasmine Dragon Fine Teas Shirt

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A few years back I was walking around with my dad and a man came to talk to us. He asked if we had a minute to spare and asked us to unfold and hold a big piece of paper for him while he called someone on the phone. His girlfriend came to the window to see two strangers holding a big piece of paper reading “will you marry me ?”. She looked genuinely surprised and happy, and the guy smiled and told she said yes. I never saw them again but they made my day.

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