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Thank you for this – it really made me think about an aspect of my privilege that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m a nice, middle class, British, white lady, and because of that even if I get discriminated against for my womanhood or my queerness, I get the added benefit of being able to stick up for myself. Get loud if I want to, escalate if I feel I need to. No one feels threatened by all 5″3′, 105lbs of me.

Top I’m Gonna Need Another Beer To Wash Down This Beer American Flag Shirt


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I immediately connected with how based on race and gender, we are taught different things. I am biracial (brown and white) and also a female, so growing up I was always taught female safety like “don’t go jogging after dark” “carry your keys in your hand” “park close to the store of its dark” etc and then I got taught the brown safety tips like “when pulled over put your car in park and your hands on the wheel so they’re visible” “always carry your id with you” etc. Currently, I am dating a fully white male.