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Also, I think that we are able to compare the US response to other countries since we are all trying to handle the same issue and a lot of people find the response lacking. While other countries are spiking right now in cases in a 2nd wave, it feels like the US has not even handled the first wavePrecisely. In the modern digital “information age,” where it’s so easy for most Americans to see how other countries are faring during this global crisis with the tap of a screen, the cracks and fissures in the federal government’s handling of the pandemic are far more readily identifiable by the average voter than they would have been decades ago.

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Americans thought it was a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate that let Europeans live longer healthier lives but thanks to the internet we found out it was healthcare all along, wildIsn’t that the story of his life, though? He could have just put the money Daddy gave him in an index fund and he’d be astronomically more wealthy than even he claims to be. But he didn’t. He had to play businessman just like his dad and squandered it through bankruptcies and failed businesses.

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