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Huzza! We did it! Now, keep up the pressure. We’ve learned of so many weaknesses in our own system in this four-year stress test of the American government. Let’s advocate for encoding into law, what has until now, been on the honor system. It will be hard work, but so was turning a president into a one-term lame duck! So… pitter patter, let’s get at. It’s like 300 pounds that have been sitting on me for 4 years has been lifted. Also how close this election showed how SERIOUSLY important your vote is. Some of these swing states were 4-10 thousand votes apart between Biden and Trump. And around 60 thousand votes went to Kanye West.

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We did it, guys. We did it. I’m so proud of you. I know these four years haven’t been easy. 2020 hasn’t been easy. This election hasn’t been easy. But you did it. Enjoy this moment. Found myself suddenly very emotional from over the pond here in the UK. In the 1930s members of my community fought for democracy in the Spanish Civil War and in 1945 my great grandfather liberated the Belsen concentration camp. I’ve spent the last four years terrified that I might repeat their traumatic history in the US.

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