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Which is thankfully what we are trying to do. The study you linked doesn’t take into consideration an ongoing pandemic. Sure, when things are normal I can agree with the study that higher unemployment can contribute to depression, cardiovascular disease, etc. However, when getting everyone back to work will knowingly increase the number of people infected with a virus, and potentially killed, perhaps we should have a more intelligent and measured approach. Brenner said the best way to address the issue of unemployment.

Top Halloween Unicorn Pew Pew Madafakas Blood Moon Shirt


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We should be investing more money in public education and making people more intelligent, as it benefits everyone in society. It would hopefully also decrease the amount of ignorant nonsense that people spout on Twitter. Like this Tomi woman. She should really just be ignored. And Stanford studies are showing that upwards of millions have likely had and recovered with no issues already. NYCs public tracker shows it’s almost entirely old folks.

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