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I mean, at a certain point you can’t keep treating people like shit and expect them to keep taking it. If peaceful protests don’t work (even something like kneeling by athletes), you have to step up what you’re doing to get results. I’m sorry but isn’t one of the defining events, one which is pounded into our American heads from an early age, right as we’re learning to wipe our asses and swear allegiance to a flag, that a bunch of citizens felt their government was not hearing them so they threw a bunch of private property into a harbor somewhere?

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In the videos of the “bad apples” detaining or murdering unarmed, peaceful citizens, there are always several other officers standing there watching. They might not have ever physically harmed anyone in their careers but the moment they decide to just stand there and let it happen they become culpable. The whole system has been allowed to fester from the inside out and had made good cops just as guilty as the bad ones.





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