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“We used a no-knock warrant and shot an unarmed woman because we heard a drug dealer lived in different houses and we’re pretty sure black drug dealers are armed and have a higher propensity to shoot police officers than Caucasians.” According to some people, if anyone in that room moved at all cops should have shot them because what if they were grabbing a weapon? But suddenly they know how not to shoot at just the sight of a gun or knife.


Top Give A Pig Monster Halloween Shirt

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A lot of states have docket searches online where you can find court cases related to criminal activity, and mundane things like traffic violations. If you ever stumble upon the blue lives matters people on Facebook, usually in comments from a local TV station, look up a few of the most vocal. A surprising number of them have repeat DUI convictions, retail theft, stuff like that. I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but I’m really not.

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