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The funny feeling was collective fear. No one was safe at this company. People were let go on the day for basically anything. If they didn’t find a reason to let you go they would move your desk to a comfortable place and stop inviting you to meetings basically ignoring you til you quit. I knew a new co-worker would be trouble when I realized he really liked to be in people’s personal bubble. He would say sexual things and it was obvious he was testing to see who would get sexual in return, even though he had a girlfriend and had talked about her. I hated him and kept him out of my bubble.

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Inconsistency. Maybe they are super charming towards the senior staff but rude to juniors, maybe they are really charming and helpful to you but rude to serving staff, maybe they say they like all the same things that you do but when you probe them on a topic all you get is superficial answers. There are lots of ways someone can show inconsistency but it usually means that they want you (or someone) to think they are a certain kind of person when it’s not who they really are.