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Just a thought, while I don’t disagree that this might have been racism, it could have also been a combination of a lot of things. I work in the restaurant industry and most places are packed right now and mask mandates are impossible to hold up in a place where you eat food. Now I know it is was wrong that the girl was rude but the food order being wrong has a really small chance of being impacted by your boyfriend’s race because if it really was overcrowded the kitchen was probably too slammed to even know that fact. I just think that maybe you should consider all angles because while racism is not something to be tolerated, mistakes do happen, and jumping to conclusions is the exact problem in this country right now.

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What a ridiculous, shitty post. Making all these assumptions with no basis whatsoever, then claiming it’s because of Trump. Little asshole OP, let’s say you’re correct in your ignorant assumptions— do you really think it would have been a different exchange if Trump wasn’t president? What an idiot you are. Just wondering what her rudeness has to do with trump, was he there telling her how to act? Why is our president always getting blamed for anything that happens to people that is negative? He doesn’t control people.