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There are a lot more details to it, and I am certainly not claiming to be innocent in it since it was me who ended up flirting around online. What I do know is he is still with my ex-best friend and gave her all the changes I originally wanted in our relationship. I’m with the guy I flirted with and had a baby with him this year. I think we just weren’t meant to be with each other and stayed together out of lack of self-esteem and comfort.

Top Christmas Santa Among Us Character Coffee Shirt


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She would demand every holiday would be at her house and that he had to cut one of our sister’s out of his life that she never saw eye to eye with. She would deny everything she was ever called out on and made up strange stories about the dude after the divorce. Bro was a great dude but with a huge ego and so many insecurities, he filled with this rigid relationship. She used this to get whatever she wanted from him. We couldn’t even recognize him anymore.