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Mostly because drug crimes are not automatic prison sentences anymore. This has nothing to do with Trump’s policies. He, again, inherited a trend set forth by local communities and was championed by democrats under Obama.Decriminalized marijuana went a long way towards that. Guess what, everybody smokes weed. But it gave a lot of cops a lot of excuses to lock up black people in particular. The economy was already resurrected after the Republicans left it in dire straights once again in 2008. They did what they could to stifle it for Obama by having the power to squash any meaningful infrastructure build plans.

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Then they gave corporate America and the richest people basically a 20-30% raise in the form of tax cuts and deregulation which artificially raised corporate earnings and boosted the stock market. Now watch as the bills come due from them increasing the deficit to the stratosphere, infrastructure still needed tending to and the economy in shambles from their negligence and mismanagement of the pandemic, wag their fingers at the Democrats when the economy doesn’t rebound right away. That’s generous, I think 1 week if Biden wins. By early December they’ll be asking why Biden hasn’t done anything.

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