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Oh boy, this reminds me of something from my childhood. Back when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, my siblings and I used to attend taekwondo lessons at a taekwondo master (Korean-American woman)’s house in another town. When we got there, we would change out of our street clothes into our taekwondo clothes, which we carried in our school backpacks. We attended classes for several weeks until one woman (known in modern nomenclature as a Karen) accused us kids of stealing things from the taekwondo master’s home. The master asked us, kids, to dump out our backpacks. She wasn’t able to find anything. Unfortunately, my mother was so embarrassed by the entire situation that she immediately took us out of the class and we never went back.

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I had a similar experience. My story didn’t even happen in the US, but it’s classism at its finest. I’m from South America and I was selected to participate in research in a prestigious private university in Mexico. I was broke, I was on a scholarship that paid my housing and my parents helped me with some money for meals, but I didn’t have much. So I participated very little in campus activities, didn’t really go out much because I didn’t have money to pay for things, so I basically studied and went for walks.

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