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Yeah, that Bahn mi conversation was Top Baby Deadpool And Baby Stitch Shirt really off-putting of the atmosphere for sure. I’d also wager the sassy little kid who was being babysat, while funny, was disruptive to the tone of the film. Overall I liked the movie though. The best sequel since H6 in my opinion. It was just an excuse to get him after Laurie. The point of the film was going back to the roots of the series where Michael is just a killer with no rhyme or reason and doesn’t really give a shit about Laurie (aka no sister thing). So the doctor is basically the fanboy who overanalyzed Michael and put him in Laurie’s path. I don’t mind him going back to being a soulless, grudge-less force of nature, but I didn’t like using one contrived twist to undo another. It felt awkward to affirm he’s a directionless killer. Then immediately set him after Laurie. I don’t think it’d work. But I think it could be interesting to have Laurie become the one who chases Michael and becomes a sort of the stalker herself.

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