Top August It’s My Birthday Diamond Shirt

Not only that he’s the Christian conservative type. Follows Trump, Devos, etc, and even liked a tweet saying AOC is a hybrid of Bolshevik, Nazi, and mobster. He also tried to victim blame the Central Park 5. I figured JI wouldn’t kneel with how religious he is and that whole not kneeling before anyone but god thing. Not wearing the shirt was surprising but it’s his life. He’ll get lots of shit for it despite being inarguably a great kid. God forbid someone to do something that doesn’t agree with the pre-defined narratives.

Top August It’s My Birthday Diamond hoodie

Top August It’s My Birthday Diamond Shirt


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Bitch, whatchu mean, my lifted F350 Super Duty diesel with dual upward exhausts, extended cab, and $1000 a month payment that I pay for with oil field money despite the fact I live in a 500 sq ft apartment and have never towed anything or even been off-road in it shows I’m clearly a baller and my penis is totally not small.

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