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Just so you know there’s no license to take away. If he was a certified HHA it just means he took “x” hours or class. They can’t take the certification away. I could be wrong but, unless it’s on his criminal record as a felony it most likely won’t show up on a criminal history report. It might depend on what he was charged with. I know when we ran the reports it only provided certain information. Sadly, Philadelphia is having such a hard time finding home care aides.

Top Apple Face Mask Cant Mask The Love For My Pre Kers Shirt


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I had one get caught doing this exact thing. The daughter of the patient suspected it, set up cameras and my parolee was caught. He did not end up getting any more time in jail but they did slap him with a heavy fine, community service, and strip him of his license. He is never again allowed to work in the home health care industry and rightfully so.

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