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I was with you until this. Justin Beiber had his dick photographed with a telephoto lens. Justin long had photos leak of him nude on a boat in the middle of nowhere, Hulk Hogan had his sex tape published and the sight refused to take it down because they were getting clicks, and there are so many more examples. This isn’t a gendered issue this is a human issue. That was Gawker, and it’s an interesting story. Hulk won the lawsuit and effectively bankrupted Gawker Media. They thought he wouldn’t engage in a long legal battle of attrition but Peter Thiel secretly stepped in to fund Hulks lawsuit and they took it the distance and won. Thiel hated Gawker for outing him previously.

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Woman are victims of it more, but men are too in other ways, a man or woman should be able to engage in whatever the fuck they want when it comes to their sex life as long as it is legal and snapping photos of an actor/actress hanging out free somewhere they think they are finally being left alone is ridiculous. Women I sure get the brunt of it but I have seen plenty of photos of famous men clearly with a woman they are trying to romance or spend time with being snapped and harassed I cannot believe we allow this nonsense “job”.