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This is bullshit and the whole story is garbage. The higher ups at Spotify do not give a fuck what a couple of staffers say. Rogan without a doubt has a specific written contract with these fucks and if it gets tampered with in any way he’s on his merry way back to YouTube or better, putting the podcast up on his own platform. What is wrong with ppl? When did everyone get so soft and offended that ppl have other opinions? I’m a christian…do ppl hate on Christians?

Top Alamagan Northern Mariana Islands Shirt

Top Alamagan Northern Mariana Islands Shirt

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I’m sure Joe’s massive contract stipulates that he retains creative control of the podcast. But he is certainly going to be getting notes from Spotify executives, and ultimately — given they control the purse strings — Spotify is going to have a say in his content. Spotify is in fact a big corporation. A corporation that generates $8 billion a year in revenue. A corporation that is focused on growth.

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