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The day of the wedding comes and I proceed to get absolutely trashed. I turn off my phone, pick up a rando at the bar, and party the night away. Yes I know I wasn’t completely over Lisa but I think I handled it well. I wake up the next day hungover as fuck and turn on my phone and she had left a message. I deleted it without listening to it. The day after that I get a call from a mutual friend and he told me Lisa had to go to the hospital. On the night of their wedding, Lisa and Rick went downtown to party. Apparently, they got into a fight and he beat her up. From what I hear they got the marriage annulled a couple of days later.

Top 15 Years Of Supernatural Thank You For The Memories Signatures Shirt


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Suddenly one day he comes across the street barely a year into the marriage and tells us he wants a divorce. Says he’s unhappy. Doesn’t give real defined answers. We knew she had some MH issues with anxiety but was so not expecting them to be a cause of this or anything or expect any infidelity from either side. She said she actually didn’t know why he was divorcing her.