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37 and also sick of getting fucked. This week I started looking into other countries where my wife and I can relocate. I run a business that brings in millions a year and I’m just tired of giving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the government only to have republicans cut taxes for the richest and keep asking me for more. I’m happy to give, but everyone needs to pay their fair share. I’m kind of resigned to the idea that the US will never be that country. We’re too obsessed with “freedom” when it comes to not wearing a mask and not taxing the rich, but otherwise? Meh, those protesters or liberals should die right?

Titos The Glue Holding This 2020 Shitshow Together T-Shirt


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My dad moved here to start his family because of this not thinking about the fact that he is not part of the billionaire class and would never be. He became extremely bitter about this fact and turned to severe alcoholism and eventually died of lung cancer at the age of 50. My family has been emotionally crippled ever since. It’s time we realized that the republic is just a fake democracy. It’s a fraudulent system that benefits only a few. It’s been said before. Maybe a bunch of slave owners didn’t come up with the best form of government after all.