Tinkerbell Halloween And Merry Christmas Happy Hallothanksmas

Wash from Firefly. He was the most earnest character on the show, and on a lot of shows that would be the annoying role or the Gary Stu. But Alan Tudyk is just infinitely likable, and although there was only a single season of the show, I’d watched that season all the way through so many times to the point where every character felt like family. With Serenity, Book hurt, but Wash was a dagger… And with that, I truly believed it was over. Having grown up on Star Trek TNG, I’d say Data in Nemesis, but that film is all-around weak and there was the sense that B4 would be eventually overwritten by Data.

Tinkerbell Halloween And Merry Christmas Happy Hallothanksmas


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Snape. I see lots of people who hate him, but honestly, he and Dumbledore single-handedly brought down Voldemort. Not only that but after he made the decision to earn Dumbledore that Harry was targeted, he basically set a timer on his life. He spent his whole life protecting the son of the man he hated who stole the life of his life while working at a job he hates (he always wanted to be the DADA professor), and in the final year of his life, he spent them around people who hated him, who probably would’ve loved him if they’d known the truth of what he was doing