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There is a problem in substance abuse treatment in the United States called body brokering. Substance abuse treatment can be very expensive and insurance companies pay A LOT of money for a patient to be there. Treatment centers will hire “body brokers” to find addicts with the best, highest-paying insurance and entice them to check in to the specific center, the treatment center then gives the broker a commission from the insurance money. Brokers will also hire other addicts in a pyramid scheme type way to check in to the treatment center, make friends with the other patients, and upon discharge encourage relapse so they come back to treatment.

I work at a county jail in the midwest. The most disturbing thing about jail is the terrible loop some inmates get stuck in. Many inmates with mental issues get caught in this loop where they can’t have any clothes or items because they will try to kill themselves and they are locked in their cell for 23 hours a day. This makes them angrier so when they are finally let out they lash out at staff and then are locked down again. It’s a vicious cycle for a lot of inmates and makes a lot of mental illness a whole lot worse. Staff cant does anything though because if they allow the inmate with mental illness to socialize then they risk a lawsuit from those around them, because of the individual’s history of violent outbursts. The majority of hospitals won’t take them because they won’t risk their staff. So they are just stuck in a room and their only hope is consistent medication stabilizing them.

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