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However…when you click on the police, though it shows 50/50…the breakdown actually shows the bulk of the front end of the police are more conservative (sheriffs, state troopers, and sergeants…which service the largest areas). So my man above is correct (partially). What we don’t see is the population size of each area. I would guess the police officer are split due to the complexity of the city police. What’s interesting is that you see more probation officers leaning left. My guess is they are more keyed into the complexity of the criminal justice system…they are seeing the results of the policing.

The Nightmare Before Coffee Skeleton Hand Shirt

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Not sure an app creator is really a reliable source here. They claim this is based on FEC campaign contribution data which is problematic at best as that is not a random poll. There could be a large number of left or right-leaning people who just don’t contribute. I think it’s clear that education and experience play a role in the split between right and left…and you can see this across the fields. I’m sure there is some analysis on this and I would love to read it.







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